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VK Industries® the world leader in design and manufacture of mixing systems for production of viscosity index improvers for luboils and has supplied every major producer in the world. We have pioneered a range of equipment from High Shear In-Line Mixers to complete solubilizing plants, allowing the user to handle polymer in all forms including liquid, crumb pellet and blocks to the largest solid bales. For more information on this application click on the link below.

    • Mill Aloe Vera, Amla or Any Herbs.
    • Emulsify Cream for Ointments and Cosmetics.
    • Size Reduction of Any Chemical, Paint, Grease.
    • Mill cheese Curd to a fine consistency for processed Cheese Spreads /Products.
    • Make Chocolate Paste, Spreads. , Etc.

VK Industries® High Shear Mixers are widely used in the manufacture of paints, inks and coatings. The high shear action of the rotor/stator workhead can rapidly disintegrate and dissolve resins and polymers, disperse pigments and other raw materials including “functional” ingredients.

Typical applications include:
  • Redispersion of filter cake
  • Manufacture of coding and marking inks
  • Dispersion of Titanium Dioxide
  • Dispersion of Bentonite
  • Dispersion of Fumed Silica (Aerosil®)
  • Polymer/Pigment dispersion in the textile industry

Paper Chemicals (Coatings)

Paper coatings impart a variety of properties, both decorative (whiteness, opacity, etc.) and functional (smoothness, absorption rate, etc.). A typical coating has two principal constituents: a dispersion of pigments in water and an adhesive or binder. Other ingredients include talc, silica, titanium dioxide and resins. Completely dispersing these materials to give an agglomerate-free end product is essential to the manufacturing process. VK Industries®

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