High Shear Batch Mixer

Homogenization also known as particle reduction process is reducing the particle size of molecules in order to facilitate dispersion, emulsion, etc. This process is a prime in process industries like Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, etc. Having years of experience in homogenisation process we are leaders in Homogenisation process (Batch as well as Inline).

Batch Homogenizers are standalone unit which is movable and can be used in different tanks/lines. In this type of homogenization process the ingredients are first mixed in a tank and then batch homogeniser is added from top to homogenize. Batch homogenizers are suitable for small production capacity. For Large Capacities Inline Homogenizers is suited.

VK Industries® manufactures Batch Homogenisers with various end particle size tools and capacity. For more Information please contact us to guide you with right technology.

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